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Mythology and Halkidiki ,part 1

Have you been to Halkidiki,Greece ? Have you ever visit its cosmopolitan peninsula Kassandra ?

According to ancient Greeks , it was one of the most wild area of their known world , and there is another myth to explain about this magnificent place and the oddness of the ground. They also called it Flegra ,and here is why....

Once uppon a time, mother earth ,GAIA lived together with the sky ,OURANOS .Their chrildren ,TITANES were unhappy though ,so was their mother,because Ouranos forced Gaia to keep TITANES ,inside the earth,inside her.

Young Titan KRONOS was brave enough to harm his father and liberate his brothers from TARTARA .Blood from injured Ourano fell on GAIA and there at Pallini ,in the center of Kassandra land ,GIANTS were born.

Giants ,looked like men but they where way more huge and powerfull.Their body covered by scaled ended to a tail .

KRONOS become the ruler! But as his father ,he knew that one of his children will get his power from him. That's why he ate them after they were born.

Rea ,his wife decided to avoid this fate for her last son ,so she hide him .The prophecy was about to be fulfiled! Zeus of Olympus was this last child .So when he grow up, he manage to liberate his brothers and challenge his father to a battle .A battle so great that will change everything in Gods world!


Kassandra was chosen to be the land battlefield between


This epic battle was α massive bloodshed ! So ancient Greeks named the peninsula FLEGRA ,the land of fire!

During your visit, you probably see , hotels , restaurants etc named Flegra ,now you know why .

Flegra , now is called Kassandra,after the king of Makedonian kingdom, Kassandros ( Cassander).But that's another story!

Stay tuned...

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