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Thessaloniki sightseeing & food tasting cruise

Updated: Jan 13

Thessaloniki is a a multiculture city ,the capital of Greek gastronomy ,famous as the city of love.King Kassandros decided to build a new city and Named it after his wife and Alexander's the Great Sister to show her his love , so her name lives for ever .

There is always a good reason tto visit and to sail during winter season .

From October to April, Crystal Blue yacht , is based at Thessaloniki.

Greece has many sunny warm days and that gives you the opportunity to have another unique yachting experience.

Departing from Kalamaria marina, let's sail to another perspective of this wonderful city. Sights reveal in front of you with glory , by the seafront. White Tower ,the symbol of Thessaloniki , the Castle ,Umbrellas , The palace ,Aristotelous square ,etc.

Sightseeing can't be more luxurious and comfortable than enjoying the amazing city artifacts from the comfort of a luxury couch and a glass of fine Greek wine and delicious Greek cuisine .

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