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6 days Itinerary - 
Ultimate Privacy for your holidays 

We have created a 6 day itinerary - the ultimate holidays for  just your loved ones.

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6 day Charter Itinerary - Best of Halkidiki

Spend 6 amazing  days on the Crystal Blue - Exclusive Holidays just with your loved ones 

(max capacity 6 guests + 2 crew)

For this Summer we have developed a NEW OF A KIND experience for you!  A 3 day Itinerary on the Crystal Blue.

Halkidiki is undoubtedly one of the nicest areas in Greece with over 500 kilometres of unspoiled beach paradises, places of historic interest and some unique hidden gems only accessible by boats. You will be experiencing this all by your self and your loved ones aboard the Crystal Blue Yacht.

Enjoy 5 days around all peninsulas of Halkidiki, swim in secluded beach paradises, eat some of the best Greek Food.  Below some details

DAY 1 - MARINA MIRRAGIO - 30 nautical miles

Meet up with the crew of your luxury charter at Marina Miragio .

Thessaloniki airport is about 105 km distane to Marina Miraggio.We will arrange the private transfer for you and pick you up from the airport.

Once you arrive to the Marina and the Crystal Blue vessel familiarise yourself with the layout of ''Crystal Blue'' while  enjoying a refreshing glass of champagne . The Crew will show you around the yacht and give you information about how the facilities work.

Light lunch , fruit salad and Greek wine  will be served on board

Then ,there will be some time to  make your self comfortable at your cabins to unpack and rest. Ofcourse you re welcome to use all facilities of the luxurious Mirragio hotel.

DAY 2 - KASSANDRA peninsula - 10 nautical miles

Engines start up and your first day of yachting life begins. Engines start up ,after breakfast on the back deck.


On our way you can sea some of the most  popular  villages of the area .

The myth says ,Kassandra was such a  beautiful woman that even Apollon , the God fell in love with her. Swimming in those Crystal Blue waters ,you are going to find yourself   in love  too.  Cosmopolitan Kassandra is not only ,endless coast line ,with sandy beaches and turquoise sea  !There are countless beach bars and lots of beach parties you can join in .

At the end of the day ,relax on the front deck and enjoy the amazing sunset ,until we reach marina Miraggio to overnight.

DAY 3 - SITHONIA first day - 15 nautical miles

Waking up in a luxury yacht ,make the day promising ...

Second day begins  at 08:00  with greek coffee or tea  and fruit before we sail  to Kelyfos island ,right in the middle o Toroneos golf.

Grab your diving masks ,there are some caves  to explore! Snorkelling can be really exciting ,for those who like sealife .

Next stop Marmaras .A beautiful fishing vilage where you can stroll  around the shops ,buy some souvenirs and have late breakfast .Don't forget to taste local made honey  . As we aproach Sithonia peninsula ,all covered by imaginary pine tree forests that end right on the beach .The mountain is named Itamos , after the old kind tree ,almost extincted .The eldest Itamos ,in Europe ,2000 ,years old is still here ,at a place they call  ''The balcony of Aegean''

As you are in Greece ,myths follow you everywhere! So don't be surprised if you sea Diana ,the godess trying to get some poison from Itamos tree for her arrows!

Sithonia has also its own Parthenon ,an old village ,built 10 centuries ago ,only 6 km away from Marmaras .

Most beaches are private and  difficult to access by car .Enjoy swimming in privacy .Absolute calmness can be disturbed only by the song of the birds or the sound of the summer breeze.

You may also spend some time trekking the private paths and collect fresh oregano that grows almost everywhere. Swimming makes you f

We are overnight at Marmaras .

DAY 4 -SITHONIA peninsula second day - 15 nautical miles

Wake up ,have breakfast on board and of we go...

Destination paradise..More private bays to swim are ahead of us. A islet of small islands , Spalathronia is among our destinations.

Spalathronisia is an isolated part of Sithonia just south of Neos Marmaras. Here are several beaches and islands that make a small archipelago, which is something unique on the western shore of Sithonia. The Spalathronisia Islands beach is just pristine.

The beach itself is a mix of sand and pebble and is just a narrow ribbon and not really a beach that you would drive out for. The sea-bottom has rock shelf and sand so if you decide to swim, bring swimming shoes. This is also a good place for snorkeling and diving.

Fruit salad and greek cheeze with wine will be served while you relax on our deck

Summer days are long so we continue our trip to the south until  Porto Koufo .A small fishing village with a magnificent ,hidden entrance..The view is stunning !

Fresh caught fish ,is served at the local fish taverns and drink ''tsipouro '' must be required.We are going to have enough time for dinner ..

Optional rent a taxi and visit the village 2 km away Toroni named after Poseidon's daughter . An Orthodox christian church ,built at 5 century ,it worth to be visited. We are going to buy some supplies for the next day and spend the night ,in this hidden port .

DAY 5 -Back to where all has begun.20 nautical miles

Day starts early in the morning ,many miles and so much to see . 

On our last day we have to wake up early in the morning and have a quick breakfast at a local cafe.

Dolphins like to play ,at the area ,so we might be lucky being amused with the jumps of those adorable creatures. On our way back we anchor at Marathia beach to cool of and a have some light lunch and fruit and wine of course.


One more hour sailling and our journey ends ,where it starts ,at Marina Mirragio . Fell asleap full of memories and lots of photographs .

DAY 6 -Return to Airport

Wake up and have breakfast while waiting for you transfer until 11 :00 ,to the airport !


  •     Captain & crew

  •     Port Authority expenses

  •     All taxes

  •     Civil liability insurance

  •     No Security Deposit required for chartering our yachts

  •     Breakfast ( Greek Coffee, Tea, Greek Yogurt, Fruit, Homemade Marmelade)

  •     Snacks and fruit

  •     Water, soft drinks, wine, beer

  •     Snorkelling equipment

  •     Fuel

  •     Linen

  •     Cleaning services & Disinfection 


What is not included:

  •     Off board meals

  •     Off board activities

  •     Tips

  •     Towels ​

  • Transer


* Important Notice

Customer can take shorter itineraries and choose only some of the dates. For your own safety Schedule might change if Captain finds it necessary. The Final Destination of each day might change due to weather conditions.

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